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In this livestream series, invited artists and writers join Christine Pasalo Norland in conversation, to share aloud the influences and intentions behind their latest works. 

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Episode 10buttercupMarch 28, 2024


Yes to more magical Black Queer stories that enable us to keep on radically imagining futures that are possible! In episode 10, special guest buttercup talks about exploring ideas of emergence and recurrence in their webcomic UM, how exposure to traditional and popular arts from an early age influenced their art style and storytelling direction, and the importance of making work that models what one hopes for in relationships, friendships, and the world. We also learned about a love story between a butterfly and moth that buttercup wrote and drew when they were 5. Fingers crossed we see that emerge in DIY zine form. 

UM Volume One by buttercup, which collects the first 6 chapters of the UM webcomic, is co-edited by Jamila Rowser and Steenz, and published by Radiator Comics. It releases in September 2024 at Small Press Expo, and is intended for readers 18+ years old.

buttercup's previous works include Dawn Richard's Voodoo (Interlude) video clip, various bumpers for Adult Swim, and illustrations for Real Realm, a minicomic written by Jamila Rowser. Their illustration series ARTHROPOD explores the eponymous phylum of animals through the playful imagination of a Black, gender nonconforming child. buttercup views their work, including and especially UM, as an exploration of the Black Imaginary and Prophetic Tradition as well as a visual excavation of the esoteric through a materialist lens.

Radiator Comics, which celebrates its 10th anniversary in 2024, distributes self-published and small press comics by over 200 alternative cartoonists, and publishes original comics by emerging cartoonists. Radiator Comics is run by Miami-based cartoonist Neil Brideau. UM is Radiator Comics’ seventh publishing project.

Daytime color photo of Lawrence Lindell.

Episode 9 • Lawrence Lindell • September 14, 2023 


There was joy, all! Also, mentions of Power Rangers, Fatburger, and Otter Pops. In episode 9, Lawrence talks about telling truth through comics, readjusting to comics events and interviews, and infusing Blackward with love and appreciation for the people and spots in his community.

Thanks to Lawrence for coming on, to everyone who tuned in live, and to all watching/listening to our conversation in replay.

Originally from Los Angeles, CA, Lawrence Lindell is a cartoonist and zinester whose work has been nominated for a Believer Book Award, Dwayne McDuffie Award for Diversity in Comics, and a Broken Frontier Award. He is also an artist, musician, and educator who runs Laneha House, a small press co-founded with his spouse Breena Nuñez. Outside of Laneha House, Lawrence's comics have appeared in the Hello Barkada Comics series and he is a regular contributor to The New Yorker: Daily Shouts. His debut graphic memoir Blackward is set to release on September 26, 2023 from Drawn & Quarterly.

Learn more about Lawrence, his spouse Breena Nuñez, and Laneha House in our profile, "Laneha House Gets Animated," published in 2021.

Episode 8 • Rina Ayuyang • May 23, 2023


Oakland-based cartoonist Rina Ayuyang talks about the little and big things she connects with and obsesses over and how they find their way into her comics. From Murder She Wrote to the history of her Aunties' home in The Avenues of west San Francisco, we discuss how her autobio and fictional work expand off of what's personal, embraces escape, and—by virtue of her lens—inherently centers being Filipina/o/x American.

Originally from Pittsburgh, PA, Rina Ayuyang is an Ignatz- and Eisner-nominated cartoonist and co-host of the podcast The Comix Claptrap with Thien Pham. Rina's career in comics began in 2001 with the self-publication of her first mini comic Namby Pamby. Her catalog of work includes over 15 self-published mini comics, the small press Yam Books, 20 one-shot comics contributed to a variety of online and print magazines and anthologies including Kitchen Sink Magazine and Mutha Magazine, and three graphic novels—Whirlwind Wonderland (Sparkplug Comic Books/Tugboat Press, 2009), Blame This on the Boogie (Drawn & Quarterly, 2018), and The Man in the McIntosh Suit (Drawn & Quarterly, 2023). 

Episode 7 • Amanda Meadows, Jamila Rowser, Kiara Valdez • March 9, 2023


In this conversation, Amanda, Jamila, and Kiara discuss what it takes to produce projects that excite them (hint: more than passion for an idea) and how comics and book publishing must change to treat creators as humans, not machines, so that they can keep telling the stories we all need and deserve.

Learn more about Jamila in our profile, "Geek Girl, Uninterrupted," published in 2022.


Episode 6 • MariNaomi • October 13, 2022


Bay area-based cartoonist MariNaomi joined us to talk about friendships, memory, and their upcoming collage-comics memoir I Thought You Loved Me (Fieldmouse Press, 2023). 

MariNaomi (they/them) is an award-winning author, illustrator, and visual artist whose work has appeared in over eighty print publications and website publications. They are the creator behind eight book-length works, and their comics and paintings have appeared in the Smithsonian, the de Young Museum, the Cartoon Art Museum, the Asian Art Museum, and the Japanese American Museum. They are also the founder and administrator of the Cartoonists of Color Database, the Queer Cartoonists Database, and the Disabled Cartoonists Database

Learn more about MariNaomi in their Popverse profile, "Centering visibility with MariNaomi's comics and databases", written by Christine Pasalo Norland.

Photo of Filipina American illustrator Karen Alleluia in her art studio. Photo taken by Sage Timog.

Episode 5 • Karen Alleluia • September 27, 2022


San Diego-based Filipina American artist, illustrator, and character designer Karen Alleluia joined Christine Pasalo Norland to talk about what it's taken and meant to launch kluia co, and shares her nonlinear path to becoming a freelance illustrator and retailer. From Karen's lowest point of experiencing homelessness to the high of fulfilling the Kickstarter campaign for Fish the plushie, making art is a source of comfort, confidence, and connection. And now, with careful and constant thoughtfulness, a livelihood.


Profile photo of Puerto Rican comic artist Nicky Rodriguez.

Episode 4 • Nicky Rodriguez • July 13, 2022


Queer Puerto Rican comic artist, flatter, and colorist Nicky Rodriguez talks about her illustrations and colors for the upcoming picture book Con Papá written by Frederick Luis Aldama, her webcomics series The Unlucky Ones and the Edge of Nowhere, what she reflected on to create her original comic "Reminder to Self" for the Hello Barkada Comics series, and how she practices taking care of herself. Con Papá releases in August 2022 and is currently available

Photo of Afro Latinx writer Jamila Rowser and Jamaican cartoonist Robyn Smith, laughing at the camera.

Episode 3 • Jamila Rowser & Robyn Smith • June 8, 2022


Friends and collaborators Jamila Rowser & Robyn Smith talk about their new graphic novel Wash Day Diaries! Published by Chronicle Books, the book features a collection of stories centered on the friendship between four Black women and femmes, beginning with a colorized version of "Wash Day," the one-shot that launched Rowser's and Smith's friendship and Rowser's Black Josei Press. 

Learn more about Jamila Rowser in our profile, "Geek Girl, Uninterrupted," published in 2022.

Photo of Black nonbinary cartoonist Steenz.

Episode 2 • Steenz! • April 29, 2022


Friendships, character building, and fandom: Cartoonist Steenz gives us a sneak peak into their new comics collection Heart Takes the Stage and discusses the ways they continue to infuse their style and perspective into the "Heart of the City" comic strip.

Photo of Filipinx American Queer cartoonist Trinidad Escobar.

Episode 1 • Trinidad Escobar • March 10, 2022


Nipa huts, mermaids, and the gothic: Cartoonist Trinidad Escobar discusses her new Queer erotica comics collection Arrive In My Hands, published by Black Josei Press. 

Learn more about Trinidad in our profile, "Trinidad Escobar Believes," published in 2021.

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