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Each installment of our comics series features a different emerging or established cartoonist. For our first comic of 2023, Caribbean American comic artist and illustrator FeliceY shares a story about coming of age as a nonbinary person in their comic, "I Just Need a Pad."


Photo of the book Where I'm Coming From on a dark table. The book cover is in tones of black, white, yellow, and red.

Bring out the bouquets! This forthcoming collection by cartoonist Barbara Brandon-Croft proves that her pioneering comic strip is as fitting and funny today as it was when it appeared in mainstream syndication from 1991–2005.

Photo of zines and buttons in the Collectively 2022 Full pack, on a crocheted afghan.

Two new product packs—Collectively 2022 Mini and Collectively 2022 Full—are now available, featuring limited works previously only seen at the 2022 San Diego Zine Fest. Proceeds from each support the Hello Barkada Comics Series and Guest Writer Series.

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Photo of the black, white, and gold book cover of Queenie: Godmother of Harlem, featuring a black and white illustration of Queenie who is seated and reclined while holding up a lowball glass of whiskey.


Inspired by the life of Stephanie "Queenie" St. Clair, this graphic novel by Elizabeth Colomba and Aurélie Lévy, and published by Megascope / Abrams ComicArts, is a gripping read.

Photo of nonbinary Black cartoonist Steenz Stewart.

Watch five of our favorite moments from our conversation with award-winning cartoonist Steenz, who joined us on Allowed in April 2022 to discuss their book Heart Takes the Stage.

New year, new cycle of Funding Fridays! Our January 2023 list features 27 grant opportunities, 10 of which are open to artists around the world.

Profile photo of cartoonist MariNaomi.


Bay Area-based cartoonist MariNaomi discusses their upcoming collage-comics memoir I Thought You Loved Me, friendships, and memory.

A rock painted blue with a pink happy face lays on a concrete curb.


Thanks to the generosity of our readers, patrons, and clients, Hello Barkada featured more guest contributors in 2022! When you become a Hello Barkada patron or client, you help support independent arts journalism and programming by, about, and for marginalized communities. Be a part of the momentum we're building in 2023 and consider a contribution, collaboration, and zine purchase today!

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White text says, "Hello Barkada Comics #3. Each installment of our comics series features a different emerging or established cartoonist. This edition by Navajo disabled creator, illustrator, and digital comic artist Tatum Begay is called 'To My Husband.'" Text on a darkened black and white illustration of a man kneeling at the beside of a woman, bringing her a glass of water.
White text says "The Breadth of Trinidad Escobar's Arrive In My Hands. Published by Black Josei Press, Trinidad Escobar's Arrive In My Hands is a collection of Queer erotic comics, poem-comics, and illustrations that surges off the page like desire released from dormancy." Text on a darkened illustration of oceanside cliff formations that look like two women laying on their left sides in an embrace.
Print outs of Hello Barkada activity sheets on a light gray and white shag rug.


Each activity is made to stir curiosity, start conversations, and build connections. No printer? No problem: Printing isn't necessary! These can be written, typed, and colored on in any free PDF editing application.

A brown hand holding up the black and white zine in front of a leafy green hedge. The cover of the zine features falling leaves and the title, "isang mahal."

Our first micro-press effort is a 16-page zine featuring the first print reproductions of our 2021 comics series as well as original written and illustrated works. Profits offset our operations and help us commission artists and writers in 2023. Once 100 copies are sold, profits will also be shared with the cartoonists whose comics are featured in the zine. Buy a copy today!

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