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Photo of Jamila Rowser and Robyn Smith, laughing at the camera.

PLAYBACK AVAILABLE ON INSTAGRAM! In our third episode of Allowed, writer Jamila Rowser and cartoonist Robyn Smith talk about their new graphic novel Wash Day Diaries. Follow @HelloBarkada to watch the video on Instagram. A captioned playback for our YouTube channel is forthcoming.

Photographed sunset of pink and orange hues over a silhouette of pine trees.

Our latest list of art grants, fellowships, and residencies includes 25 previously unlisted opportunities: one with a rolling deadline and 24 with deadlines in June 2022.

TCAF Web Banner on a brown background. Black text says, "TCAF Responds to Concerns Raised by Comics Community About Saba Moeel." Hello Barkada's round brown-toned HB logo in the bottom right corner.

The Toronto Comic Arts Festival (TCAF) clarifies that their statement published on May 31 responds to concerns about Moeel's discriminatory remarks published online, including transphobic comments, but does not address allegations of Moeel profiting off Black personhood and culture.


Black text says "See More" next to thick black line break.
Black femme humanoid in space created by artist Julie Anderson.


Playbacks of our Virtuous Con: Black History Month 2022 panels "We Need the Punk," "Calling Out Colonizer Criticism," and "The Story of STILL..." are now available! Watch 15-minute clips for free and become a Virtuous Con Power Pass Patron to watch them and all of the event's panels in full.


Red Panda from Disney's animated film Turning Red.


Playback now available! In episode 3, special guest Lacey Vorrasi-Banis joined Jonita Davis and Christine Pasalo Norland to discuss the coverage of Disney's Turning Red.


Collage of screenshots featuring Filipina American Queer cartoonist Trinidad Escobar and Black nonbinary cartoonist Steenz.

In our livestream interview series, artists and writers are invited to discuss the inspiration and intent of their latest works. Watch the playbacks of our premiere episode featuring Trinidad Escobar and episode 2 featuring Steenz.

Panel 1 of the comic "Solitude" by Hab Oh, featuring a black and white illustration of two planetary-like beings on a barren landscape, under a starry night sky.

Each installment of our comics series features a different emerging or established cartoonist. For our second comic of 2022, Hab Oh meditates on sitting with, not avoiding, "Solitude."


A rock painted blue with a pink happy face lays on a concrete curb.


Thanks to the generosity of our readers, patrons, and clients, Hello Barkada will feature more guest contributors in 2022! When you become a Hello Barkada patron or client, you help support independent arts journalism and programming by, about, and for marginalized communities. Be a part of the momentum we're building towards 2023 and consider a contribution, collaboration, and zine purchase today!

Black text says "Most Read" followed by bold black line break.
Text says "Hello Barkada Comics #1: 'Family.' Cartoonist Maxi Rodriguez of KasutoProductions illustrates her thoughts on the idea of "chosen family," also known as barkada." Text in white on a darkened illustrated image of man washing a woman's hair while she sits covered in a bubble bath.
Text says "On Peace of Mind. Founder Christine Pasalo Norland explains how starting Hello Barkada is equal parts empowerment, protest, service, and rest." Text in white on a darkened photo of Filipina American Christine Pasalo Norland sitting on a tree swing in front of a view of Echo Park, Los Angeles.
White text says "Laneha House gets animated. Cartoonists Breena Nuñez and Lawrence Lindell discuss healing by way of their new animated series, comics, and coffee." Text on a darkened illustration of the Laneha House mascot flanked by Afro-Latinx cartoonist Breena Nuñez and Black cartoonist Lawrence Lindell.
Print outs of Hello Barkada activity sheets on a light gray and white shag rug.


Each activity is made to stir curiosity, start conversations, and build connections. No printer? No problem: Printing isn't necessary! These can be written, typed, and colored on in any free PDF editing application.

A brown hand holding up the black and white zine in front of a leafy green hedge. The cover of the zine features falling leaves and the title, "isang mahal."

Our first micro-press effort is a 16-page zine featuring the first print reproductions of our 2021 comics series as well as original written and illustrated works. Profits offset our operations and help us commission artists and writers in 2023. Once 100 copies are sold, profits will also be shared with the cartoonists whose comics are featured in the zine. Buy a copy today!

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