January 2023Hello Barkada Comics #8

"I Just Need a Pad" by FeliceY

Four panel black and white comic strip by FeliceY. Panel 1 is in the point-of-view of the narrator, who looks down at their underwear to see a spot and says, "Ugh. I knew this day would come. I had been dreading it." Panel 2 features the narrator being hugged by their mother, with text that says, "I was a Tomboy - I didn't have the word nonbinary in my vocabulary yet," dialogue from mom that says, "My baby is a woman! We need to call your grandmother!," and dialogue from narrator that says, "I need a pad. Mom, no." Panel 3 features the narrator looking directly at reader with a look of anger and frustration, text that says, "But now people would see me as a woman? That just didn't seem right. It was so embarrassing," and dialogue around narrator that says, "How exciting, you go girl! Welcome to womanhood! You're a woman now!" Panel 4 features a pad and tampon box, and text that says, "I realized right away that cramps wouldn't be the worst part of getting my period."

© FeliceY


Felice Haley, aka FeliceY (they/them) is a nonbinary Caribbean American artist based in Somerville, MA, who loves working on comic projects, social justice media, and other rad art. They are the creator of the humorous webcomic I Need to Start A Cult that follows Junie, a musician who's tired of working in the service industry, as they bounce their ideas of starting a cult off of their friend Shar. 

Find FeliceY, and follow their webcomic I Need To Start A Cult, on Instagram at @sludgestar.felicey

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