May 26, 2022  •  By Christine Pasalo Norland

Allowed with Trinidad Escobar: 5 Favorite Moments

In our premiere episode of Allowed, cartoonist Trinidad Escobar discusses her Queer erotic comics collection Arrive In My Hands, published by Black Josei Press. Over the course of our 30ish-minute conversation, Trinidad shares why the gothic appeals to them, what it means for them to create an intimate and personal work for Queer folx and especially Queer Filipinx folx, and how they intend to celebrate the release of the print version.

Below are five favorite moments from the interview, each followed by a different video clip from our conversation.


Trinidad admits that they've held off from telling a couple of people in their circle about the publication of Arrive In My Hands. "I'm gonna show it to them eventually!" she says. 


Imposter syndrome, am I right? As people, women, and femmes of color, it's not easy to let go of internalized -isms to feel confident that we're moving in spaces safe and ready for us. So, it's important to hear the support of someone outside of us. In Trinidad's case, that someone was Jamila Rowser, founder of Black Josei Press.


The beauty of Arrive In My Hands extends beyond its illustrations, colors, and words. It's also in Trinidad's intent for it to exist as a gift and resource to those who are questioning their sexual identity and/or feeling disconnected from their sensuality in the ways she once did. 


Zombies, graveyards, shape-shifting creatures known as the aswang: A variety of stories in Arrive In My Hands are set and centered in dark and mysterious fantastical imagery. Trinidad shares why she's drawn to these themes.


As a reader and Filipina American who is hyperaware of the lack of Pinay representation in American culture beyond nursing, it meant a lot to be able to connect with another Filipina in the arts, particularly one who will include symbols of our shared cultural identity in their works. That we could talk about nipa huts from a common place of understanding and not waste breath in describing what they are was liberating. To hear the feeling was mutual was validating.

Arrive In My Hands, a collection of Queer comics by Trinidad Escobar, is published by Black Josei Press and available for purchase as a PDF or in print. Our complete interview is available to stream (with captions) on Hello Barkada's YouTube Channel.

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