November 2021 • Hello Barkada Comics #3

"To My Husband" by Tatum Begay

9-panel black and white comic. Panel 1 says, "To My Husband, TB '21." Panel 2 features a couple sitting across each at table and says, "When we started dating, I told you that I was sick. You loved me anyway." Panel 3 features a man bringing a glass of water to a woman laying in a bed and says, "As my illness took its toll, you stayed by my side." Panel 4 features the couple laying on a pillow, the man holding the woman as she cries, and says, "Yet even after we married, all I kept asking was 'Are you sure? Are you sufe?'" Panel 5 features a walking cane and says, "This year left me broken in such frightening ways as I lost mobility, muscle mass, and dexterity throughout a body that already felt like it betrayed me daily. How could anyone love me? I didn't even love myself." Panel 6 shows the man bringing two plates of dinner as the woman sits up by a table next to their bed, and says "But even when all I saw was darkness, you never stopped loving me." Panel 7 features bubbles floating up underwater, and says, "I am someone who often feels swept out to sea. Drowned in unrelenting pain." Panel 8 features two couple sitting on a coach playing video games, and says, "But you always manage to bring me back, and remind me that I'm more than my illness." Panel 9 shows the woman on the coach with the man kneeled down in front of her as she cups his face, and says, "You anchor me, every day."

© Tatum Begay


Tatum Begay is a Navajo disabled creator, illustrator, and digital comic artist who self-publishes zines and web comics that range from slice-of-life to deeper reflections of her life and mentality. A graduate from Northern Arizona University with a master’s in English Literature, Begay currently lives in Arizona.

Find Tatum at @tb_comix on Instagram!

Support Tatum Begay by visiting her page on Tapas (formerly known as Tapastic),!

EDITOR'S NOTE: Many thanks to Julie Fiveash (@jooliefiveash) for recommending Tatum for this series!


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