April 2022 • Hello Barkada Comics #6

"Solitude" by Hab Oh


Hab Oh is a self-taught illustrator who resides and works in his hometown of Brooklyn, New York. In 2009, Hab founded his own illustration brand, Habtoons™, designed around the theme of being on the fringes of various cultures.

Hab's works include cartoons and comics, performance art, spoken word (storytelling), digital animation, podcasting, and independent film, several of which have been exhibited around New York and featured in online publications and social media platforms such as Brut Magazine, OzComics, and Extended Syllables.

Hab has also spoken on panels about diversity in art, and dedicates his time to arts education as a Teaching Artist with organizations in New York City. His passion to teach and mold young minds is just as powerful as his passion for diversity in the art world.

Find Hab at @habtoons on Instagram, @habohplays on Twitch, and @haboh on YouTube.

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