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Black and white illustration of a man kneeling at the beside of a woman, bringing her a glass of water.

Each installment of our comics series features a different emerging or established cartoonist. This edition by Navajo disabled creator, illustrator, and digital comic artist Tatum Begay is called "To My Husband."

Banner on a concrete light post on the campus of San Diego State University. Text on the banner says "You are learning on Kumeyaay land." The text is on photo of a dirt trail with a view of brush, trees, and distant hills.

Native American & Indigenous students, faculty, and staff at San Diego State University host a series of events throughout November to celebrate Native American Heritage Month 2021, including a conversation with Tongva writer, illustrator, and comics artist Weshoyot Alvitre.


Black and white Word Search sheet and Dots & Boxes sheet on a gray diamond-patterned textile.

The first two community activities for November are now available, featuring a Dots & Boxes game sheet centered on Trans visual artists and writers, and a Word Search celebrating Native and Indigenous performing artists. Always intersectional. Always free.

Black text says "See More" next to thick black line break.
A cloudy blue sky over pine trees.

Get that (grant) money! This month's list includes over 15 grant opportunities with application deadlines in November and early December 2021, and six grants that take applications on a rolling basis.

Grayscale photo of Filipinx American Trinidad Escobar drawing at her desk, surrounded by art work and books.

How artist and educator Trinidad Escobar practices visual and oral storytelling to (re)connect with Filipinx traditions and build community within the culture and beyond.



The November founder’s essay reflects on the organization's progress so far, which has been due in large part to the artists who've shared their time, energy, and expertise with Hello Barkada.

Black and white illustration of a femme person with light hair scratching the head of a femme person with dark hair.


Each installment of our comics series features a different emerging or established cartoonist. In Hello Barkada Comics #2, illustrator Angel Trazo shares a story about reunions.

Black text says "Most Viewed" followed by bold black line break.
Text says "Hello Barkada Comics #1: 'Family.' Cartoonist Maxi Rodriguez of KasutoProductions illustrates her thoughts on the idea of "chosen family," also known as barkada." Text in white on a darkened illustrated image of man washing a woman's hair while she sits covered in a bubble bath.
Text says "On Peace of Mind. Founder Christine Pasalo Norland explains how starting Hello Barkada is equal parts empowerment, protest, service, and rest." Text in white on a darkened photo of Filipina American Christine Pasalo Norland sitting on a tree swing in front of a view of Echo Park, Los Angeles.
A rock painted blue with a pink happy face lays on a concrete curb.


Support independent arts journalism and programming by, about, and for marginalized communities. Thanks to our current patrons, Hello Barkada will be able to commission three freelance writers in 2022! By joining our current campaign, you will help provide more opportunities for emerging and established cartoonists in 2022.

Print outs of Hello Barkada activity sheets on a light gray and white shag rug.


Each activity is made to stir curiosity, start conversations, and build connections. No printer? No problem: Printing isn't necessary! These can be written, typed, and colored on in any free PDF editing application. New activities added each month.

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