December 2021 • Hello Barkada Comics #4

"Changing Love Languages" by Breena Nuñez

Four panel black and white comic strip by Breena Nuñez. Panel 1 shows Breena preparing a meal among a crowd of empty talk bubbles, and text says "My name has been given many stories." Panel 2 shows hands cracking an egg, and text says "Some stories are about how to say my name in shrunken obscurity." Panel 3 shows Breena serving two plates of food, one to her partner. Her partner says, "Awww, thank you!" Narrator text says, "Other stories widened my throat to speak newer love languages." Panel 4 shows Breena speaking to a her mobile phone, saying "I just wanted to tell you how happy I am to know you as my chosen family." Narrator text says, "There is a warm timbre after shouting my beloveds' names."

© Breena Nuñez


Breena Nuñez is a cartoonist and part-time professor based in San Francisco, CA, who creates diary comics exploring the awkwardness of racism, being a queer Afrodescendiente from the Bay Area, and understanding what it means to be Central American from the US.

Their comics are self-published as zines, in publications such as The New Yorker: Daily Shouts and The Nib, and in anthologies like "Tales From La Vida: A Latinx Comics Anthology," the Eisner Award-winning "Drawing Power," and the Ignatz Award-winning "Be Gay, Do Comics!"

Find Breena at @breenache on Instagram and Twitter.

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